Welcome to COXO!

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About COXO


  • Founded in 2003, more than 350 employees.
  • The biggest Endo motor manufacturer in China.
  • The biggest Implant machine manufacturer in China.
  • The biggest dental products manufacturer in China.
  • Customers are from all over the world.

FOSHAN COXO MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD is a professional dental products manufacturer.

We have more than 100 sets precision CNC machine, most of them from Japan, Korea, Germany and Switzerland. Each COXO’s product is finely crafted, in designing, material selection and manufacturing process are to achieve meticulous excellence.

Our major products: Dental Handpiece, Implant machine, Endo motors, Apex locator, Obturation system,LED curing light, Teeth whitening accelerator,  Pulp tester, Caries Detector, Amalgamator and Alginate mixer, Led dental lamp etc.

Nowadays, our products have been sold to more than 100 countries; we have built up long term cooperation with a lot of distributors and manufacturers in all the world.

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