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COXO new products launching

COXO launched new products for all the world, please watch this video to feel our “the first of the world” new products: C-Smart-1 Pilot, a new endo motor, with true wireless and full function handle and big screen smart host! Ultra Smart, a new Ultrasonic Activator, Simple and efficient! ... + Read more

Introduction of C-Smart-1 Pro

... + Read more

COXO Microscope introduction

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COXO Endo Files Introduction!

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Instructions(How to maintain the contra angle of C-SAILOR)

As we all know, the cleaning and maintenance of contra angle of implant machine are very important. Correct cleaning and maintenance can effectively prolong the life of contra angle, improve the efficiency of treatment, and increase the trust of patients. More importantly, it can effectively prevent cross-infection. T ... + Read more

Light curing in one second? The truth is…

Today, We have the honor to have the master of resin and restoration ——Mr. Ma here to discuss some secrets of resin curing which still remain unknown. ... + Read more

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